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Hair Salon
  • Hair Salon
  • Hair Salon
  • Hair Salon

Our customers with their new style

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Our Services

  • Waxing

    1.Full Hands Waxing

    2.Full Legs Waxing 3.Under Arms Waxing 4.Bikini Area Waxing 5.Full Body waxing ( Without Face & Bikini area)
  • Look Change

    1.Hair Cut, style or color after consulting with our Experts or hired professional Fashion Stylist ( Price-Based on consultation)

    2.Advance hair cut & Settings with L’Oréal professional quick treatment BDT 1700

    3.Advance hair cut & settings BDT 1200

    4.Advance hair cut only for girls BDT 800

    5.Hair Rebounding BDT 3000 ( Starting price) Depends on consultation

    6.Hair Color/Treatment/High Lights/Low Lights ( Based on consultation)
  • Hair Studio Hair Treatment

    1.Hair Studio Premium Anti Dandruff Treatment Per Session BDT 5999

    2.Hair Studio Anti Dandruff Treatment Per Session BDT 3999

    3.Hair Studio Herbal Masque for Anti hair Fall BDT 1499

    4.Hair Studio Hair Fossil Protect Treatment BDT 19999 -- 24999 ( 40 to 50 days course)

    5.Hair Studio Organic Hair Re growth Treatment With Hair fall contro BDT 4999l

    6.Hair Studio Colour Shine Treatment BDT 2999

    7.Hair Studio Hair Smoothing Treatment BDT2999

    8.Hair Studio Rebounding Care Treatment BDT 3999

    9.Hair Studio Dandruff control With Aroma Therapy BDT 1499-- 1999

    10.Hair Studio Hair fall control With Aroma Therapy BDT 1499-- 1999

  • Premium Hot Wax From Italy

    (For Female)

    1.Full Hands Waxing BDT 1200

    2. Full legs Waxing BDT 1500

    3. Under Arms Waxing BDT 700

    4. Full Body Waxing without Bikini area & Face BDT 5500

    5. Bikini Area Waxing BDT 2500

    6. Face Waxing Each Area BDT 250

  • Skin Studio Pedicure

    1. Quick Pedicure BDT 599

    2. Whitening Pedicure with Healing Pack BDT 999

    3. Aroma Pedicure BDT 1099

    4. Paraffin Wax Pedicure BDT 1199

    5. Mango Pedicure for Smooth Skin BDT 1299

    6. Coco Milk Pedicure for soft, smooth & fair skin BDT 1399

    7. Milk Pedicure for Dry Skin BDt 1499

Today Specials


Foot Massage

30 min Foot Massage, For extra hour have to consult with Therapist.

BDT 3000 BDT (Starting Price)

Hair Rebonding

Price depends on Hair Condition, Length etc. Make Appointment and Do Consultation. * for women only

Free Birdal Mehendi with Bridal Makeover

Based on Prior Appointment .

BDT 6000 BDT

Promotional SPA Packages

Aromatherapy With Coconut Full Body Massage Head Massage Full Body Scrub *for women only.

BDT 2297 BDT

Eid -Ul- Adha Package

Head Massage with coconut oil, Orange Shampooing, Any Style Hair Cut with Natural Dry, Mini Pedicure, Mini Pedicure, Quick Whitening Facial, Eye Brows and Upper Lips Threading included in this package. Condition: Have to Come within 11am to 1pm. * for women only

BDT 3499 BDT

Free Eye Brows Threading

Come and Enjoy Free Threading without any Condition. * for women only

BDT 00.00 BDT

Popular Services

Facial - BDT 3999

  1.     Skin Studio Anti Tan Facial
  2.      Skin Studio Thermo Herbal Facial
  3.       Skin Studio Anti Acne Facial
  4.      Skin Studio Anti Ageing Facial
  5.       Eye Filler with Dark Circle Control

Face Care- 3499

  1. Skin Studio Fairness Facial
  2. Skin Studio Warm Wax Facial
  3. Skin Studio Oxygen Fairness Facial
  4. Skin Studio Grape wine Facial
  5. Skin Studio Pigment Facial

Skin Studio Face Treatment Package- 14999

  1. Pigment Light Face Treatment ( 5 Sessions)
  2. Skin Revitalizing Treatment For Anti-Ageing (5 Sessions)

Hair Care - 2999

  1. Hair Studio Hair Spa
  2. Hair Stuido Colour Shine Treatment
  3. Hair Stuido Hair Smoothing Treatment

Our Plans

Static Service

BDT 300

7 Days

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BDT 850

8 Days

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BDT 50

8 Days
  • Package : H-Complete
  • 5 Sessions....BDT14999
  • Code No. : SSFT14
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BDT 200

45 Days

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